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  • October Book Round Up

    October Book Round Up

    It’s been a minute since I’ve posted and I know it’s December but better late than never! Here are the books I read in October and my thoughts. 1. Hex Appeal by Kate Johnson This witchy tale was fun a fun and exciting love story with a wild and diverse cast. So many unexpected twists…

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  • Autumn Ear Warmer | Free Crochet Pattern

    Autumn Ear Warmer | Free Crochet Pattern

    Do you love a quick project or do you sell your makes at markets and boutiques? This is the PERFECT project for you. This pattern has been a staple at my markets this fall with easy stitches that works up fast while creating a lovely texture and can be priced affordably while still earning my…

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  • September Book Round Up

    September Book Round Up

    The month of audiobooks! It was not intentional but I ended up mainly listening to audiobooks because I had a market to prepare for which obviously required my hands and eyes for all my knitting and crocheting. I listened to all the audiobooks on Libby, an app where you can borrow audiobooks through your library…

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  • Emeline Hanging Dish Cloth | Crochet Pattern

    Emeline Hanging Dish Cloth | Crochet Pattern

    The Emeline Hanging Dish Cloth came from a need to make a quick dishcloth that could be priced affordably at markets while still paying myself what I deserve. If you don’t know me I am a huge advocate for charging what you are worth for your art. The things you create took you time and…

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  • Ridge Mini Shawl | Free Knitting Pattern

    Ridge Mini Shawl | Free Knitting Pattern

    Hi! Long time, no blog. At the end of July I lost any motivation for designing and making in general, and then my family had Covid at the start of August and then we spent the rest of the month preparing for Maisie’s 2nd birthday party. I pretty much traded knitting/crocheting with reading – I…

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  • August Book Roundup

    August Book Roundup

    August Reading Roundup – I read 9 books, check out what I read…

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