Review: A Modern Guide to Textured Crochet + Tulip Hooks

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Do you love a good stitch book? I sure do!

Stitch books are great resources for any level maker. They can be a tool for learning how to do a particular craft, or a great source of inspiration for designers. Many of the stitch books I have read begin with the basics and then the remainder of the book describes specific stitches, and some even include several patterns.

A Modern Guide to Textured Crochet by Lee Sartori of CocoCrochetLee is a mix of all those things and more. The book begins with some info about yarn, hooks, and getting started and then follows with different stitches based on each season of the year! How cool is that!?

Besides just basic written instructions the book includes nicely sized charts and colored picture tutorials, which is amazing because sometimes words are just not enough. On top of all that there are 5 patterns that include stitches from the book, my personal favorite is the Joanie Shawl.

The book isn’t huge but it sure is unique in content, has a clean and simple layout, and includes 40 different stitches. In my opinion, this isn’t for a person just starting to crochet but it is a great book for the crocheter who is searching for more and wanting to think outside the box. If you are bored with simple stitches, this book is for you.

Lee Sartori is an incredible crochet designer that has published several books and designs beautiful garments and adorable amigurmi. You can find her patterns and more here.

Now for a review of my recent purchase: Tulip TP1166 Etimo Crochet Hook Set

I’M OBSESSED. My dear friends (shout out to The Knotty Boss and Anyuta Designs) sent me Amazon Cards for my birthday and I decided to buy the Tulip Hook Set because Anna from The Knotty Boss always raved about how great they are, well, she’s totally right.

Here are some reasons why I love them and this specific set:

1. The material of the handle/grip feels wonderful. It is smooth and soft and has a indent where my thumb lays that makes it really comfortable to hold.

2. The aluminum hook has a pointier tip than most hooks I’ve seen and it makes it so easy to get into stitches, especially if you are a tight crocheter. The only comparison that I’ve come across are the Clover Soft Grips (which are my other go to hook, especially when I need to have a tighter stitch).

3. The case is neutral but fabulous. The set that I bought specifically comes with a fabric case that rolls up and closes with a magnetic closure. It is gray and has SPARKLE in it, which if you know me, you know I love a good sparkle. On the inside of the case there are pockets for the individual crochet hooks as well as a zipper pocket that has a ruler, a pair of scissors, and tapestry needles, the only thing missing are a few stitch markers.

To sum things up, this set is INCREDIBLE, I really can’t find any way to complain about them. I highly recommend if you love an ergonomic hook and staying organized. This set has it all! It comes with 8 hooks in sizes 3.25mm-6mm and there are 2 extra crochet hook pockets, and zippered pocket for you notions.

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