Scrappy Wall Hanging | Free DIY Tutorial

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Do you have lots of scrap yarn around, or yarn you KNOW you will never use?! This is the perfect and easiest way to use it up and make something quick and cute.

Meet the Scrappy Wall Hanging and lets get to making!

What you need:
Dowel rod, stick, or even a metal hoop – get creative.

I used a piece of wood I found at a local beach and drilled holes into each side, put yarn through the holes and knotted the yarn to secure it.

To add fringe you will need to cut strips of yarn, I cut my yarn 36 inches long. (I used an 18 inch ruler and wrapped my yarn around it and cut the yarn at one end)

Grab some strips of yarn, amount is up to you. The more strips of yarn, the thicker the fringe. Fold the strips of yarn in half and place loop over the stick, so that it is hanging behind the stick.
Place the tails of the yarn through the loop.
Pull to tighten fringe.

Keep adding fringe until satisfied.

When you have finished adding your fringe you can trim the yarn to even up the bottom edge or even create a design – asymmetrical, center point, rounded.

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